February 09, 2016

This week features Maya Dirado, deemed one of the 25 best female swimmers of 2015 by Swimming World Magazine.  At only 22, Maya  has already established herself as a contender for Gold at the next Olympics. 

Competing at the age of 6, Maya quickly stood out, setting records in every age group in multiple events. Unable to pronounce her  birth name 'Madeline', her sister Sarah named her 'Maya' and the name stuck Setting records as she got older, Maya crushed the state records at her high school becoming the fastest  200 IMer in California high school history. Attending Stanford  University, Maya became one of the only  five women to ever break the 4 minute barrier in the 400 IM.  Her standout performance in college earned  her a spot in the United States Worl d Universi ty Games in 2011  earning her her first international gold medal.

In 2015, Maya signed with Speedo USA competing at national swim competitions and obtaining more wins.  Her career is a passionate display of great achievements in swimming. 

“I'm much more of an achiever than a competitor and so what I really find fulfilling about swimming and what motivates me is sort of personal betterment.“