June 23, 2017


There are times in our life when we just cannot seem to find it within ourselves to do the best that we can. Oftentimes, a lack of motivation comes from not enjoying what you’re doing or needing a change. So whether you’re at a crossroads, just aren’t motivated enough, or think you can do more, I have some tips to help keep yourself motivated.

  1. Determine if you need a change . There are times when things just no longer click with us. Whether that be a job, after school activity, chore, or something else, consider thinking about what aspect of it is making you not motivated to go. Perhaps you just need a change. If you would rather do another chore around the house, try chatting with your parents or siblings to work something out. Are you resenting going to ballet class every week but know you love dance? Perhaps you need a change. Talk to your studio about trying acro, jazz, hip-hop or another form of dance that interests you. And you can always rejoin the next year if you miss what you quit!
  2. Stick to a schedule. Often, procrastination and self-motivation go hand in hand. By creating and sticking to a daily schedule, you are far more likely to get everything you need to get done finished in a timely manner. For example, if you struggle to get your homework done, try sticking to the same time every day to get it done. Whether that be right after school, or after dinner, find what works best for you! 
  3. Keep a goal in sight. When you are trying to accomplish something, it is extremely important to keep track of what you have accomplished, what you would like to accomplish in the future, and how long you have. With these things in mind you can create short term and long term goals to get you closer to your final objective.  
  4. Breaks . Trust me, you need to take breaks in order to be productive. Not only do breaks give your mind and body time to recharge, they can act as a reward system. Depending on what you need motivation for, breaks are going to look different. Perhaps you just need a few weeks away from dance to feel that spark again. Or maybe you have trouble finishing all of your homework in one sitting. By breaking your homework time up into time slots or the amount you have completed, you won’t be exerting your brain for too long at a time.
  5. Eliminate distractions. If you expect to get things done, turning off your phone, avoiding TV, and steering clear of distracting websites and social media can be the key to keeping you productive. Even sitting in a quiet space away from family can often help. 

Accomplishing things feels great, especially when you have a good time doing it! Try to surround yourself with things you love and do your favourite activities in order to stay positive and remain motivated. Success doesn't just fall into your lap, you have to work for it, so keep going!